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Winner Announced!

Il Vizio della Speranza (The Vice of Hope)

Bvlgari Critics' Choice Award - Winning Film THE VICE OF HOPE

Five films have been nominated for the Bvlgari Critics' Choice Award 2019. With this award, the Lavazza Italian Film Festival and Bvlgari wish to recognize ground-breaking contemporary Italian cinema. After much deliberation, the jury has come to a decision and wishes to announce The Vice of Hope (Il Vizio della Speranza) as the award winner.

"A visceral drama in which grim realism is leavened with just a sprinkling of magic, Il Vizio della Speranza (The Vice of Hope) impressed our judges immensely. The central performance by Pina Turco as a young woman living on the margins of society but dreaming of a better life for her unborn child, and the supporting turn by Marina Confalone as the heroin-addicted matriarch of a band of baby-trading outcasts, are simply outstanding. Contained almost entirely within a landscape that is at once modern and decrepit, and set to a soundtrack of drum-heavy folk music, The Vice of Hope paints a picture of Napoli that is both familiar and foreign – and utterly unforgettable.
Jury Statement

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The Lavazza Italian Film Festival would like to thank our jury: Karl Quinn, Steve Bastoni, Sara Bavato, Will Cox and Isabella Giovinazzo, and iTALiAN ARTiSANS.