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Ordinary Happiness

In this humorous contemplation on life, director Daniele Luchetti (Those Happy Years LIFF14) loosely adapts the short stories of Francesco Piccolo into a curiously charming metaphysical comedy starring Italian comedian and satirist Pierfrancesco “Pif” Diliberto (The Mafia Kills Only in Summer, LIFF14).

The film follows our bumbling hero Paolo (Pif) who has driven through the same intersection on his scooter every day for years risking a red light for his daily bravado. That is, until one day when he is inevitably hit by a car! When he arrives at the entry point of his afterlife, due to an administrative error, he is granted another 92 minutes of life on earth. At this point, Paolo finds himself grappling with his past and how to best spend these last moments on Earth. As he reflects on both the profound and insignificant moments of his existence, he discovers what really shape our daily lives, our relationships, and who we are.

Luchetti mixes his bittersweet style with Pif’s unmistakable, sharp-witted comic timing and a lively performance by Italian musician-turned-actress Thony in this entertaining Palermo-set charmer.

Australian Premiere
Director: Danielle Luchetti
Cast: Pierfrancesco “Pif” Diliberto, Renato Carpentieri, Federica Victoria Caiozzo
Comedy | Italy | 2019 | 93 min
Italian with English subtitles
“Amusing and intriguing”


Daniele Luchetti

Danielle Luchetti

Daniele Luchetti started his career as assistant director and actor in films by Nanni Moretti. It's Happening Tomorrow (1988) was his directorial debut, which received special mention at the Cannes Film Festival and won a David di Donatello Award for Best Feature Debut. His eighteen feature films include previous LIFF hits My Brother Is An Only Child (2007), La nostra vita
(2010), and Those Happy Years (2013). 

Da non perdere perché Pif ritorna con la sua simpatia alla Forest Gump, in questa spiritosa riflessione sulla vita.
Best Actress, Nastri d’Argento Awards 2019